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Alchemist Accelerator

Initiative to accelerate the development of seed stage ventures that monetize from enterprises.

Acoustic Wells

Develops an IoT Solution for Oil Wells by Leveraging Novel Sensors that will Make Field-Wide Production Optimization a Reality. Team: Sebastien Mannai (Post-doc, Aero/Astro, MIT); Charles-Henri Clerget (Post-doc, Mathematics, MIT); Louis Creteur (MS CS, EPSI Arras); Eric Zhang (MPA, UT Austin)

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Aichemist Metal

Enables Most Sustainable Lightweight Battery Using Highest Strength, Thin-Film, Metal and Nanofiber Materials. Team: Sergey Lopatin (AMD Prolific Inventor Awards); Richard Fraga (Intel Achievement Award for Technology Development)

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Applied Particle Technology

Keeping Workers Safe and Healthy in the Most Dangerous Industrial Environments. Team: Jiaxi Fang (PhD, Energy Envr. and Chem Eng,WashU in St. Louis); Tandeep Chadha (PhD, Energy Envr. and Chem Eng, WashU in St. Louis); Pratim Biswas, (Professor and Chair, WashU in St. Louis, National Academy of Engineers)

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Coreshell Technologies

The Missing Piece to the Next Generation of Advanced Batteries. Team: Jonathan Tan (10+ Yrs of Product & Technical Biz Dev in Polymer Membranes); Roger Basu (10+ Yrs of Materials R&D in Thin-Film Solar & Electrochromics)

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AI-Based To-Do App for Deskless Employees in Franchises. Team: Tushar Mishra (Founded Tnine, Built Sales Engine); Madhulika Mukherjee (Founded Tnine, Research At MIT, CMU, IISc)

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ML-Powered Sales Quotes Automation Solution for Custom Manufacturing. Helped Customers Increase Revenue by 25% and Expand Customer Base by 50% in the First Year. Team: Konstantin Ivanov (Built Profitable Manufacturing Company In The Past); Peter van der Zouwen (20+ Years In Eng), Dmitry Vlasov (10 Years, MFG Software), Craig Malak (25+ Years Sales, Ansys, Solidworks)

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Builder-Friendly System and Analytics Platform for Healthy, Efficient, Sustainable Buildings. Team: Jim Baldwin (MSFT CTO Television, Intel VP Eng); Gladys Wong (Cisco/Insieme/Nuova, Marvell)

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Machine Vision Analytics for Mining and Construction. Team: Anirudh Reddy (Stanford, Built industry-leading Site Management System for family's highway construction business); Mike Beebe (Ex-Co-Founder, Matterport; exp. in Robotics, Machine-Vision); Vijay Vishwanathan (Ex VP-Product, Civil Maps, Telenav, exp. in Comp Vision and Telematics); Martin Fischer (Stanford, Prof of Civil Eng, Head Of Construction-Tech Think-Tank)

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Chat-Based HR Platform with Hundreds of Customers. Team: Ujjwal Grover (Disney, Linkedin); Kanav Abrol (Tuck MBA, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Yahoo, Flipboard)

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Computer Vision for Manual Manufacturing Team: Khizer Hayat (MSc, Robotics, UPenn, Former Toyota, Schlumberger); Albert Kao (UPenn, Omniata, MixRank, App Annie)

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Effortless 3D Body Scanning with a Smartphone. Team: Dmitry Ulyanov (PhD, Comp Vision, ex. Samsung AI, Google, Yandex Research, >1800 Citations); Vadim Lebedev (PhD, Comp Vision, Yandex Research, >1000 Citations); Ekaterina Ulianova (MSc Financial Econ, HSE (LSE Certified))

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Ipsum Analytics

Using Big Data to Reduce Legal Uncertainty. Team: Ben Setel (Litigator, Davis Polk; Columbia Law J.D.); Sadrach Pierre (Data Scientist, WorldQuant, Cornell Ph.D.)

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Mall IQ

Offline Purchase Intent-Based Mobile Engagement Platform for Payment & Loyalty Apps. Team: Batu Sat (Ph.D. ECE @Illinois, Tech Lead @Cisco, Lead Architect @Fuze); Ferit Ozan Akgul (Ph.D. EE WPI, R&D @Qualcomm, R&D @Skyhook) Head of Product from VISA, Head of Marketing from Vodafone

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MeToo Kit

We Create Sexual Assault Kits for Consumer Use that Allow Users to Self-Test After they've Been Sexually Assaulted or Raped. Team: Madison Campbell (Data Scientist, Astroepidemiologist); Liesel Vaidya (Technical Proj Man at Iyanu; CS, University at Buffalo)

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Subscription Management for SMBs, Using Virtual Credit Cards. Provides Direct Control, Security and Visualization of Company-Wide Subscriptions. Team: Sanjay Goel (Stanford, NYU, UCLA, IIT; 2 Prior Startups, 1 Exit; Citigroup, HSBC, DeutscheBank); Alan Szternberg (Amazon, BNP Paribas, Microsoft)

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Agile Military Planning. Team: Grant Demaree (West Point, Army Officer); Rafa Pereira (Director Software Eng; VP Eng @IAC)

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Amazon Go in a Box to Measure Consumer Behavior. Team: Everett Berry (ex Qualcomm, HP Vertica, NSF Awardee); Aaron Michaux (PhD in 3D vision, DARPA Awardee)

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Perimeter Brings Real-Time, Collaborative Data Visualization to Public Safety. Team: Bailey Farren (UC Berkeley, B.A.Cog Sci; B.A. Rhetoric); Noah Wu (UC Berkeley, B.A. CS; B.A. Cog Sci)

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Social Glass

World's First Government Marketplace for Micro-Purchases without Bids or Paperwork. Team: Paola Santana (LL.M. Georgetown & GWU; Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Drone Delivery Pioneer who Established First Drone Delivery Networks and Regulatory Frameworks in the World as Matternet Inc. Co-founder; Established First Constitutional Court in DR; Government Procurement Expert; Fulbrighter)

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Vincere Health

Using Remote Patient Monitoring and Financial Incentives to Help People Quit Smoking and Get Healthier. Team: Shalen De Silva (Harvard MPH; Cambridge MFin; ex-LevFin banker); Jake Keteyian (Harvard MPH, Emory BBA, KPMG Health Consulting); Hadi Javeed (Full-stack Dev @ Capital One, AI/Chatbot Specialist)

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Helping Employees to Learn and Have Access to Knowledge at Work. Team: Daniel Suárez (Thyssenkrupp; Serial Entrepreneur, 2 Exits); Aurelio Jiménez (MSc, MBA, HBS Executive Education); Iván Arrizabalaga (AI, Datametrics (Acq by Accenture)); Pablo Bravo (R&D. Anti-Exploit Architect, Malwarebytes); Vanessa Barrero (Yahoo Search JobandTalent); Matthieu Etienne (Former Head of Global Customer Service, Fon); Sarah McDermott (20+ yrs as Successful Leader for SaaS companies); Kike Garcia (15+ yrs as Digital Creative and Mktg Manager for B2B)

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