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Alchemist Accelerator

Initiative to accelerate the development of seed stage ventures that monetize from enterprises.

Apis Cor Inc

3D Printing Construction Robots to Build Full-Scale Houses Cheaper and Faster. Team: Nikita Chen-iun-tai (Cutlt, Kompositor Factory); Anna Chen-iun-tai (BS Space Physics)

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Instant and Intuitive Outage Identification via Agentless Visual Infrastructure Monitoring. Team: Tyson Kunovsky (Head of Technology for 10th Fastest Growing Company in America), Chris Koning (20years Enterprise Architecture), Evelyn LaTour (Purdue MSc, UX Research & Design, ex-Motorola), Drew Gilliam (Ex PwC, BizOps Leader)

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Geo-Analytical AI Platform for CPG Brands to Optimize Sales Force Efficiency and Product Mix. Team: Alexander Kiryanov (Lomonosov Moscow State University, 5 Years in B2B Sales, 5 Years in Retail Consulting); Pavel Burangolov (Lomonosov Moscow State University, 10 Years in Machine Learning, Yandex)

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Empowering Biologists with Self-Service Analytics Platforms to Visualize and Understand Their Data. Team: Murodzhon (Murat) Akhmedov (PhD AI, BSc Mgmt, Expert on Biodata Analytics); Ivo Kwee (PhD Med Physics, Head of Bioinformatics, 14 Years Professional Experience)

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Cloud-based Energy Management Platform by Oxford Scientists. Team: Dr. Zsuzsa Mayer (First Female Laboratory Manager in the History of University of Oxford, Several Patents and Awards); Dr. Miklos Mohos (Young Researcher Academic Award from Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Best Development in 3D Printing Award from IdTechEx); Gabor Mayer (Leader Software Developer for Several IT Companies)

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AI-powered Solution that Automatically Tracks Parts and Faults and Informs the Worker to Make Corrections in Real Time. Team: Florian Ziesche (MS Technology & Management, TUM, AI Consultant); Muhammad Zeeshan Karamat (3x Certified Cloud Professional, 2 Patents, 4 Startups)

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Solutions to Prevent Information from Leaks. Team: Sergey Voynov (Space Academy); Alexander Korznikov (National Nuclear Research University); Sergei Timoshenko (Moscow State University of Economics)

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SaaS Enabled Solution for Accelerating Operational Improvement. Team: Calvin Williams; (Fortune 100, 20 Years in Operations Improvement); Maria Williams (MBA BA); Nick Hill (Tech Lead)

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Operations Software for Franchises and Quality Control Automation using AI/ML. Team: Emmanuel Massenez (Serial Entrepreneur, MIT 35 under 35, Endeavor, Ecole Polytechnique & SciencesPo); Juan Pablo Morales (Serial Entrepreneur, AI/ML Professor, Ecole Polytechnique & HEC Paris)

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Digital Ergonomic Platform - Revolutionizing Corporate Ergonomic Programs. Team: Daniel James (Yale, Adobe); Ion-Alexandru Secara (Comp Sci, Adobe, Intuit, LoopUp); Jack Cooney (15+ Years of Posture/Ergonomics Experience, MS Kinesiology, MS Athletic Training)

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Predictive Wear Inc.

Preventing Dehydration in Collegiate Athletes. Team: Will Cruz (5x Entrepreneur & 8x International Iron Man Triathlete); Dane Albaugh (Software & Biomedical Engineer, Highest-ranked US Team in an International Design & Engineering Competition); Orlando Hoilett (Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Created Technical Tutorials >300,000 Views)

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Mobile Telematics as a Service. We Power Telematics inside 3rd Party Apps. Team: Ivan Shornikov (20+ Years in Ops, C-Level in $2B Company, 8+ Years Telematics); Sergey (10+ Years with Sensors Data Processing and Telematics); Ada Salii (8+ Years in High Loading Platforms and Embedded Services); Georgiy Rak (8+ Years in Transportation Analytics and AI-Modeling)

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Rebolet AG

Provides an All-in-One Reselling Service for E-commerce Returns and Overstock Through our SaaS Platform. Team: Guy Reiffers (BS BA, University of Zurich, Master in Business Innovation, University of St.Gallen, Dual Study Program, Stanford University); Christoph M. Mueller (Serial Entrepreneur, CreditGate 24, Recently Acquired Fintech Company Advanon)

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Autonomous Mobile Robot for Vertical Farming. Team: Christopher Thomasen (MS ME); Servet Coskun (MS EE); Erkan Taskiran (MS International Business and Politics)

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Sensegrass Inc

Soil Intelligence Platform for Fertilizer Reduction and Chemical Analysis to Improve the Crop Production. Team: Lalit Gautam (Forbes 30 Under 30, MIT 35 Under 35 Team, Doc of Pharmaceutical Science, MBA International Marketing and Finance, One Exit); Rahul Gundala (Comp Sci, IIT Delhi, MS, Maryland US, One Exit)

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AI-based Tool for Assessing & Improving Spoken English. It Helps Companies Score Candidates by Language Proficiency and Improve Non-native English Speakers' Communication.Team: Sofia Terpugova (MIPT, 10 Years Yandex); Mark Riabov (MIPT, Google, Semifinalist of ACM ICPC, Winner of Many Hackathons); Sofia Potapova (MIPT, Yandex, Data Scientist, Author of Deep Learning Papers)

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Agile, Understandable, Easy to Use and Continuous Learning AI for Business Decision Making. Team: Zehra Cataltepe (PhD Caltech, Siemens); Tanju Cataltepe (BSc MIT, PhD UCLA, Bell Labs)

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Drone-Based and AI Inventory Solutions. Team: Eugene Grankin (Higher School of Economics, 10+ years in Logistics, ex-Shell, Huhtamaki); Dmitry Teslenko (PhD Engineering, Built Spaceships); Daniel Velovatiy (MIPT, Main ML Expert)

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Unlock the Full Potential of Software Teams by Automating Project Management. Team: Lisa Jiang (UPenn. Lead Machine Learning Teams at ASAPP, Won Grand Prize at BCG’s Global AI Hackathon); Justin Curhan (UPenn, Bluecore - President's Club in Sales, First Manhattan Consulting Group)

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Amazon Prime Shipping Magic for All Non-Amazon Online Stores. Team: Mitchell Nikitin (5x Founder, 2 Exits, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland); Olga Nikitina (2x Founder, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien); Vlad Baginski (NETI, CTO with 15+ Years of Experience), Harro van Graafeiland (ex Head of Logistics Country Manager Baltics, CIS TNT Express (FedEx))

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