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Alchemist Accelerator

Initiative to accelerate the development of seed stage ventures that monetize from enterprises.

Bludot Technologies

Smart Business Platform to Modernize Cities' Economic Development. Team: Sophia Zheng (MBA, Stanford GSB; MS Systems Eng, UPenn; BS Finance, Wharton), Carlos Garcia (BS Computer Science, 10+ Years in Government Technology Contractor)

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1st B2B2C Marketplace & Booking Saas for In-Store Beauty Services. Team: Monique Salvador (Techstars, UBS)

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Software that Makes Mobile Apps Work Without Internet. Team: Jorge Rios (Twitt2Go, StartupBus); Julian De La Orta (Naranya Studios, Mobalis)

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iPhone-Based Device for AI-Driven Microscopy. Team: Ansar Zhalyalov (MSc Medical Physics); Muammar Al-Shedivat (Facebook, Yandex); Maruan Al-Shedivat (CMU, Open AI, Google AI, h-Index 10+)

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Solving Food Hassles for Enterprises. Team: Fahad Jalal (Wharton, MBA, Stanford, MSc); Mubeen Arbab (SJS, BSc Electrical Engineering, Cray Computing); Muddsar Jamil (SJS, BSc CS, Sugar CRM, Workday); Hassaan Sophie (SJS, B.S Marketing)

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Wearable Muscle Gesture Control Device for Human: Computer Interactions in Industrial Use Cases and Beyond. Team: Jack Wu (ITRI, MS of Biomedical Engineering NCKU); Will Lee (Mediatek, EE NTU); Leo Hsu (Operation, Management)

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AI Digital Lending Platform for Safer, Faster, Cheaper Loans. Team: Abhijit Onkar (Deloitte, Dell Services, ISB MBA); Sameer Chakraborthy (Infosys, Tata Capital)

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Bringing AI to Cloud Efficiency. Team: Haamid Ali (Co-Founder/CTO Narvar, Worked at Google, Macys, Oracle, Walmart Lab. Stanford University - MS CS, IIT Delhi); Zuhier Qureshi (VP of Cloud and Platform Engineering Teams at Macys. Worked at Intel, Sun, IBM and Gap. Research work at MIT. BTech CS Univ of Pune)

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Evera Labs

At Home Stem Cell Banking. Team: Nabeel Quryshi (23andMe, Harvard); Zeel Patel (Harvard, Astrazeneca, Previous Biotech Exit); Michael Chen (Harvard, HBS); Dr. Vittorio Sebastiano (Stanford Stem Cell Professor,

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Friendly Robots Company

Autonomous Vacuum for the Janitorial Industry. Team: Xiao Xiao (UC Berkeley PhD Automatic Controls, Algorithm Scientist at Apple 5yrs); Andrei Zimin (PhD Econ Moscow, Haas MBA, Dell)

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Green Light Labs

B2B2C Marketing Platform Delivering Personalization Needed for Utilities and Auto Retail to Thrive in a Market with Changing Dynamics. Team: Adrian Gomez (LUCID, OPG, UC Berkeley MBA); Sam Saxena, PhD (R&D100, Top 20 Under 20 Finalist, LBNL Scientist)

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A Marketplace and Saas Platform Connecting Consumers to Practitioners Focused on Nutrition, Lifestyle and Environmental Factors. Team: Chelsea Rowe (+5 Years at Morgan Stanley, Cornell Undergrad)

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Workplace Friendship through AI Matching, Managed by HR. Team: Yumi Alyssa Kimura (Founder of Meitu Japan @Meitu Technology's $5B IPO, 1 Law Degree from Japan, HR Management@Wharton); Ayman Chit (Software Architecture, Data Scientist, 10+ years Founded startups: Plottr - AI Biometrics); Jay Willam (Built Beta to GA Product @Twilio through IPO)

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Optimizing Drug Trials through Multimodal AI. Team: David Suendermann-Oeft (PhD EE, Munich; 160 Papers and Patents; Built Industrial Conversational AI Systems with 1B+ Interactions); David Pautler (PhD CS, Hawaii, Created World's First Open Voice Browser)

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AI-driven Commodity Market Insights. Team: Tanya Lyubimova (MSU Physics Dept, Major in Quantum Electronics, 1 Exit.); Ilya Nikolskiy (CPO, MSU Economics Dept, 1 exit); GP Saggesse (PhD CTO (HPC, Quant at a HF, 20 Papers)); Paul Smith CDS, PhD (UC Berkley, Google, Quant at HF, 14 Papers)

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Fastest & Most Convenient Laundry and Dry Cleaning Alternative. Team: Naren Inukoti (Ex-UberEATs Eng Lead, CS UT Austin); Rahul Sheth (CTO CoachCam, B.S. Georgia Tech); Vishva Somaya (Eng Lead at P&W, Aerospace UT Austin)

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Technology-Enhanced Bulk Product Dispensers Increasing Retailer Profits and Shopper Savings while Reducing Packaging. Team: David Conway (Veteran, BSMT Cum Laude); Russell Conway (Industrial Design, Parsons)

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Spectrum Cannalabs

Protecting the Health and Safety of Cannabis Users by Providing the Only Pharmaceutical Grade Testing Solution for Cannabis Products. Team: Carlos Balagot (Astrazeneca, MedImmune); Mike Espinoza (Stanford Health, Bloom Energy, Toyota); Sarita Evans (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Wind River/Intel, Clorox)

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AI-Powered Content Testing. Team: Cristina De la Peña (8+ Years in Neuro Marketing Exp, MIT Innovators under 35, BA in Architecture); Ben Hsieh (, 42 Labs) Miguel Cabral (Pequeno Cuervo, Bonalto); Juan Esteban Bravo (BTG Pactual)

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Teleon Health

Software Platform that Empowers Senior Care Providers to Automate Workflows and Deliver Coordinated Care. Team: Kijoon Lee (VP Marketing at SAP, Stanford MBA); Andrew Wu (Shipwire, SugarCRM, UCLA CS)

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Autonomous Software Testing. Team: Artem Golubev (Microsoft, Salesforce, AppDirect); Brian Gupton (UserTesting, InVision); Enzo Biancato (AppDirect)

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Yaydoo, Inc

Procure-to-Pay Automation Platform that Streamlines Business Purchasing Using AI-Powered SaaS and B2B Payment Tools. Team: Sergio Almaguer (Enterprise Sales at Microsoft, Launched FinTech Startup, MoT EPFL); Bernardo Montalvo (Operations Innovation at Heineken, Coca Cola, Biz Dev at SaaS Startup); Guillermo Treviño (Software Architecture & B2B Payments at BBVA and Scotiabank); Roberto Riveroll (Procurement at GE)

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