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Alchemist Accelerator

Initiative to accelerate the development of seed stage ventures that monetize from enterprises.

Aero Systems West

Builds Hardware and Software to Make Drone Operations — Not Just Drone Flight — Truly Autonomous. Automatic Deployment, Remote Data Analytics, AI-Based Self Inspection, and Hassle-Free Maintenance Enable Companies to Unlock the Value of Commercial Drones. Team: Charles Neal (Developer for Ardupilot, Leading Open Source Autopilot; M.S. Unmanned Systems Design, Air Force Institute of Technology; B.S. Systems Engineering, US Air Force Academy); Ron Marconet (eBay, Amazon, M.B.A., MIT Sloan School of Management; B.S. Mechanical Engineering, UCLA); Daniel Neal (Master's Human Systems Integration, Naval Postgraduate School; B.S. Systems Engineering – Human Systems, US Air Force Academy)


Application-Centric Software for Secure, Agile, Multi-Cloud Networking. Team: Charles Stucki (Serial New-Product Launcher at Cisco, McKinsey Partner); Igor Tarasenko (CIO 100K EEs, CTO 10M End Customers, MEE)


Plugin to Instantly Automate Simple Conversations for Zendesk Chat. Team: Jorma Jürisaar (Technical, started his first web-agency at 17, Sold his First Startup by 21); Juhan Kaarma (Built and Sold his First Startup with Jorma by 25)


Building Latency Optimized AI Processors for Edge Cloud Computing and Cars. Team: Jay Hu (Top Tier ASIC Chip Architect and Designer in SV); Tong Wu (Cisco, Amazon Lab126, Capsovison); Patrick Ang (COO of ESS, a Public Company)

HPC Hub Inc.

Multi-Cloud HPCaaS Platform that Achieves Ideal Price/Performance Tradeoffs Through Optimal Hardware Configurations, Software Tuning and Workload Profiling. We Help Engineers to Harness Full Potential of the Cloud, Decreasing Time to Market by Speeding Up HPC Simulations in the Cloud. Team: Eugene Protasenko (MS in CS, MIPT, 8+ years in international M&A, paticipated in deals with total volume of $9bn+); Vilgelm Bitner (PhD in CS, MIPT, IBM Science and Technology Center), Andrey Nikolaev (PhD in CS, former head of Parallel Computations lab at MIPT)


Intelligent Data Protection and Encrypted Data Collaboration Platform Across Mobile, Endpoints, Public and Private Clouds. Team: Sudesh Kumar (Honors engineering degree from IIT, worked at AT&T, CIBC and Gartner); Saeed Khosravi (Masters Engineering degree, (CCIE) and (JNCIP) Certification, worked at RIM (Blackberry), Bell, Bloomberg); Ciera Nahale (Over 8 Years Marketing Experience Creating Sales Strategies for Selling Solutions to Enterprises)


On-Demand Car Delivery Platform Building on Top of the $40b Rental Car Market with Billions of Dollars in Underutilized Assets. We Emulate the Future of Autonomy Today - Cars are Parked Outside Residential Areas and Travel to you with the Click of a Button. Team: Nikolaus Volk (Stanford Msc, Uber Machine Learning); Francesco Wiedemann (TUM, MIT, BMW Car Sharing Product); Ludwig Schönack (Berkeley MBA, Mckinsey)

Mechanica AI

Real-time AI for Industrial Production. Team ex Yandex: Alexander Khaytin (B2B expert); Emeli Dral (Co-author of Coursera Data Science Course with 50K students); Elena Samuylova (50 Women in Product Europe); Jane Zavalishina (Singularity University faculty, 18yrs Yandex)

MotorCortex AI

Addressing the Labor Challenge Inside Agriculture's Semi-Automated Post-Harvest Facilities Where Fruits and Vegetables are Cleaned and Packed. Their Machine Learning Algorithms and 3D-Vision System Give 10x Productivity Boost by Automating the Labor-Intensive Task of Packing Fruits. They are Currently Working with the Largest Avocado Packer and Processor. Their Team is Comprised of Graduates from CMU-Robotics Institute, MIT, and Stanford GSB. In Addition to Machine Learning, the Team has Experience in Enterprise Sales & Deployment. The Team was Kick-Started Under the Mentorship of Steve Blank. Team: Puneet Puri (MS Robotics, CMU Robotics Institute, Stanford GSB, Sloan Fellow); Brian White (PhD MIT, UPS Foundation Visiting Professor, Stanford University Civil and Environmental Engineering)


Perioperative Microcollaboration and Workflow App. Team: Jacob Brandon, MD (Indiana University School of Medicine); Corbin Frye, MD (General Surgery Resident, Washington University School of Medicine)

Operant Networks

Edge Communications Platform with Advanced Cybersecurity for Distributed Networks. Team: Randall King (NTU, MS Eng Mgt, Univ. of WA, MSE Applied Interdisciplinary Mathematics, Univ. of OR, BS Physics; Winner of Photonics Circle of Excellence Award, Sucessful Start-ups); Dave Bass (Stanford, Boston Univ., Univ. of IL; managed $350M division at Agilent); Keith Rose (MBA AGSM/UNSW, Fordham Business School, Rutgers; R Industry Expert, Sucessful Start-up Acquisition)


Process Donations in the Moment of Inspiration. Solutions for Donors and Nonprofits, Making Sure No Donation is Missed. Team: Rajeev Prasad (IIT Roorkee, BE, EE; Microsoft Principal SW Architect); Nidhi Doshi (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, MS, CE; Microsoft)

QPi Education

Teaching Tools that Help Non-Technical Educators Teach Computer Science. Team: Vivien Macnguyen (Chemical Engineer at Chevron, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, UC Berkeley); Ashish Dommety (Software Engineer at UC Berkeley Extension)

RELAYTO/ Document Experience Platform

Turn Static Marketing/Sales PDFs/Decks into Interactive Webpages. 1-Click Way to Get 12x Conversion + Engagement Analytics. Supported by Accenture, PwC & Salesforce. Team: Alex Shevelenko (Pre-IPO @ SuccessFactors, Salesforce. Stanford MBA); Nikita Korotaev (CTO, 2x Interactive Content Founder)


Preventing Stress and Improving Workplace Productivity with App-Based Resilience Training. Team: Helga Halkjær (Resilience Trainer for +10 Years); Thomas Scherning (Founder of 2 Startups, Built 80+ Apps), Anders Søndergaard (Founder of a Stress Prevention Consultancy)

Resolute Labs

Protecting the Infrastructure that Powers Our Lives, Resolute Labs Provides Aerial Intelligence Using AI and Imagery from Traditional Aircraft Patrols. Team: Jonathan Gary (Cornell MechEng); Karan Chawla (UIUC AerospaceEng); Matt Deyo (MIT AerospaceEng)


Driver-Centric Software to Empower Fleets and Shared Mobility Platforms with Automated Tools for Driver’s Management and Benefits their Drivers for Decent Driving. Team: Ido Levy (Former Captain in the Counter-Terrorism Unit of the IDF); Prof. Erez Shmueli (Head of the Big Data Lab at Tel Aviv University and a Research Affiliate at the MIT Media Lab); Itche Serial Entrepreneur (Founded160 Employees Company, Former CEO of B2B Power Savings Co, Former GM of UK Companies in Africa); Marcelo (CTO) Serial Entrepreneur, Former Engineering Manager at Solaredge and CTO at Bondit, Professor Ido Erev (Vice Dean and Head of the Behavioral Science, The Technion); Boaz Ein-Gil (Former Microsoft (18 years) and Intel (2 years) Engineer for ML & Big Data)

SafetyTek Software

Workplace Safety Engagement Platform. Team: Ryan Quiring (CET, Expert In Real Time Automation Systems); Craig Fraser (National Construction Safety Officer)


Wisdom's Customer Experience Management Platform is Changing the Way Product Teams Explore, Find, and Fix Broken Customer Experiences Online. Just like Magic, Wisdom Finds Where Users are Struggling. Team: John Gracey (3rd Data Startup, CompSci@UBC, Former Security Researcher); Chris Brooks (Eng, Queen’s U, Sales)


A Digital Platform that Integrates any Car Wash Equipment and Connects it to Mobile and Cloud for a Seamless Experience. Team: Kustas Koiv (Barking, Bikeep); Mikk Moses (Barking, Bikeep, Elisa); Meelis Haidak (Tallinn University of Technology, BA, Mechatronics); Ott Reinhold (Tallinn University of Technology, BA, Robotics)