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Alchemist Accelerator

Initiative to accelerate the development of seed stage ventures that monetize from enterprises.


Low-Code, AI Development Platform to Empower Developers to Add Out-of-the-Box AI Capabilities to their Existing Applications via APIs, and Deploy at Scale--NO Data Science or DevOps Skills Required. It's Like "Twilio for AI Apps." Team:Tareq Aljaber (Adobe, Microsoft, Atlassian, and Samsung Research America)

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Whiteboard Collaboration Platform, Helping the Remote Team Get on the Same Page as if They’re Sitting Side by Side. Team: Raymond Hong & Jake Kyung (Product Hustlers, 13-year Friendship, 5-year Work Partnership); Edward Park (Business, Stanford GSB); Anthony Roman (Growth, UCSB); Stella Huang (UX, Cornell)

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Voicemail 2.0 for Local Businesses in LatAm. Team: Emmanuel Oquendo (Undergrad Researcher at MIT); Israel Figueroa (Undergraduate Researcher at MSU 3D Vision Lab)

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Unlocking the 3D Economy by Making it Easy to Capture 3D Data with Your Smartphone or Tablet. Team: Abheek Basu (Wharton + UPenn CS, ex-PM, NEA Product Resident) Mahamad Charawi ( Ex-Senior Software Engineer at Cisco, UPenn CS + Wharton)

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Fleet Management Platform for Mobility as a Service. Team: Balqis Chepkwony (University of Nairobi, Bsc. Actuarial Science, C.A, Hass Petroleum Limited, CFO, Texas Energy Ltd); Salim Omar (University of Nairobi, Political Science and Sociology; UI/UX Designer, 5+ Yrs in Mobility); Kenny Awosika (George Washington University, MIS-IST,15+ years in Federal Government Contracts as Project Manager, Senior Business Analyst and Microsoft Exchange Administrator, 9+ Yrs Entrepreneur)

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Labor Free, Low Infra Cost, Fully Autonomous Drone Delivery Solution. Team: Lei Kang (Google PhD Fellow); Jun Ma (UIUC, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D., 2016); Thomas Jorgensen (Co-founder of Napatech, IPO'd in 2013)

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Frontier Bio

Advanced 3D Bioprinting for Printing Human Tissue. Team: Eric Bennett (5 Years Bioprinting Experience, 3 Engineering Degrees); Sina Moeinzadeh (Stanford, 50+ Publications in Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials and Bioprinting); Sasha Galitsky (MIT Engineer); Matt Lee (MBA @ Carnegie Melon, MechE @ UC Davis, Spacecraft Manager at Lockheed Martin)

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Intelligence Platform for Advancing Innovation Communities. Team: Jeremy Hammer (Veteran, UC Berkeley Haas); Tammy Gu (3 Yrs UI/UX Designer); Bryce Reich (Veteran, Sales Houzz); Edgar Valderrama (6 Yrs SWE)

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Inti Tech

Improves the Efficiency & Gives 15% Extra Revenues to Solar Plants. Team: Camilo Contreras (10+ Yrs Entrepreneur, IT Engineer); Camilo Flores (8+ Mecanical Engineer, Hardware Development); Mauricio Chiong (11+ Yrs as Entrepreneur, IT Engineer, Msc Innovation)

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Materiall Inc

Product Discovery for Omnichannel Retailers. Team: Bharat Vijay (Built Yahoo!s Data Analytics Team and VP - Amazon's A9); Anand Ramani (Built Yahoo!'s Image Search); Karpagam Gobalakrishna (Entrepreneur with 10+ years of Retail Experience)

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Virtual A.I. Based Interior Designer for Retailers. Team: Alon Gilady (BA from TAU); Alon Chelben (BA from TAU); Yuval Gilady (MA in Physics from TAU, Algorythm Expert); Avner Priel (Ph.D in Physics, A.I Expert)

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Looks Like a Text Editor but Makes it Easy to Edit, Search and Publish Audio. Team: Anup Gosavi (UC Berkeley; Built & Scaled Be Limitless to 1M+ users); Ashutosh Trivedi (IEEE Published Author, Speaker at Prestigious Pycon Conference and a Mentor to ML & AI Students at IIIT, Bangalore)

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Veda Labs

Helping Retailers Grow their Businesses with Real Time Consumer Insights. Team: Vivek Singh (Corseco, Trafigura); Saurabh Shandilya (IoTfy, Omni Present Robotics); Veer Mishra (Neuron, mYwindow); Saurabh Yadav (Qualcomm, Omni Present Robotics)

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Market Network for Advertising through Local Businesses. Team: Yong Rhee (Prod & Design @ MSFT, CMU); Johnny Lim (Built a Profitable 50+ Location Retail Distribution); John Wu (Eng @ MSFT, Expedia, UW)

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We-Convert INC

Smart Waste Management Solutions using IoT and Data. Team: Ashutosh Srivastava, (Univ of Delhi BS Eng, Ex-Bulpy and RobUno, Forbes 30U30 Asia 2018); Pranav Manocha (BS Eng, Ex-Shopmaxima and PAR INC, Forbes 30U30 Asia 2018)

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